July 12, 2021

It sounds like the perfect gig, and it sounds like it would be great if you didn’t have to worry about any of that pesky sound deadening noise.

The Foam Party series is an exploration of the fascinating, yet sometimes unsettling world of sound in a small space.

This year’s episode explored how sound is made in a studio, how it’s stored and transported across time, and what happens when you play an acoustic guitar or violin into a room filled with foam.

For this week’s episode, we asked acoustic guitarists what they thought about the sounds they played in their studio, and whether they found the sounds interesting.

“It’s like a good sound effect, like an echo,” says Alex Hirst.

“That’s the only way I can explain it.”

In a nutshell, it sounds a lot like the sound of a guitar being played back to you.

It’s a sound that you can pick up and identify immediately, but there’s more to it than that.

In the room, acoustic guitar players use the sounds of a studio to create a unique ambience that’s very hard to replicate in your living room.

You’re probably familiar with the sounds created by a string quartet, but for some reason, when we listen to acoustic guitar, it feels like a whole different genre.

It sounds different to how you’d hear a guitar in a concert hall or even a small studio.

It has its own set of sound effects, its own acoustic tone, and the acoustic guitar is usually used as a source of tension.

“You could say the sound is a little more emotional,” Hirst says.

“There’s a little bit of a difference between playing acoustic guitar and playing a trumpet.”

Hirst, who plays acoustic guitar professionally, describes the sound as “more emotional”.

The way the sound can be played in a noisy environment is different to a sound you hear on a piano.

“When you play in a loud room, it’s a different kind of sound,” Hiddst says.

The sound is produced when the acoustic instrument is struck with a blunt instrument.

The sharpness and speed of the instrument can be controlled using the acoustic tuning knobs, but the sound generally isn’t produced at a constant pitch.

“The more you’re playing the acoustic, the more you can control the sound a little, but it’s still just an acoustic tone,” Hiddles says.

Hirst explains that the sound you make is different because the acoustic is moving.

When you’re standing on a guitar, the string on your neck is attached to a rubber plug that’s attached to the neck itself.

When the plug is hit by a hammer, the rubber plug is pushed away from your body and the string is pulled out of your guitar.

“As you’re going up and down, you’re really creating this vibration and that movement,” Hids says.

When your guitar moves, the sound changes from the acoustic to the metallic sound you’re familiar with.

“If you want to play with a guitar that’s not tuned that way, you can play with an acoustic that’s tuned that, and then you can move it around in that same way,” Hidst says

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