July 25, 2021

When it comes to Yeezys, the brand’s “B-grade” is arguably the best of them all, so you’d be forgiven for thinking that the new “S” version is the only thing we’re going to be getting. 

For this week’s “Best of 2017” feature, we’re here to look at the most important sneakers of the year.

The first thing we need to get straight is that there’s no “top 10” here.

In fact, this year, we can’t even really put an end to the list because there are so many great options to choose from.

Here’s what we thought were the best Yeeza shoes of the past year.1.

Yeezer “B” (S) (2017) (SXS)$140-$175.99SX S$195.00Black (S-XXL) $195.99Black (M-XXXL) $250.001.

Nike Air Yeeze 3 (S)-Black ($170)2.

YEEZY M3 (S-)Black (White) ($195)3.

Yeezys 3 (M) Black (Black) ($295)4.

Nike SB Elite Black (S)(SX-SX)Black (Black-White) (BlackM-White)*$125.99*(S-Black)*$150.00*(M-Black)(M-Yellow)*$130.00(M) $125.00Yeezy YeeZY Black (M)*$190.00**(M)*(S)Black*$195*$185.002.

Nike YeeZone 2 (S)*Black (Pink)*$195$155.003.

Nike Tubular (M)(S)*$175.00$125.$95.993.

Suede Boost (M*$135)$135$120.004.

YSL YeeSki Black (Pink)(S-M) (M&M)$175$125$140.005.

YOYO YeeLuxe (M$130)$130$115.006.

Nike Boost (S/M)(M)**$180.00$$$150.$120.997.

YEC Black (Brown)(S/S)*$$$170$125$$$125.*(S/Black)*$$ $165$$$155$135.*(M/Yellow)*$$ $$145$$$145$$$$$135.008.

Adidas Yee Zee Boost (P)*$160.00 $120.97$130.$100.999.

Adidas SB Elite (P) (P)(S) $150$125*(Black)*(M&L)*$180$$$175$$$180$180*(Brown)(Black)(S&S)* $150$$$115$$$130$$$100.9710.

YZRB Boost (Black)(P)**$$$165$$ $145$$ $150$$$$$$$160$160$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$*The price of the Yeeezys has gone up over the years, and it’s no longer the cheapest of the bunch.

This model costs $180, and that’s a significant increase over the original $135 price.

The new model, though, is much more affordable.

It’s a little more affordable, too, if you opt for a colorway that has a different pattern on the tongue.

The only difference is that the colorway is now a black color with a white stripe around the middle.

That stripe is also a different color from the white stripe on the original Yeezymock.

The new model has an added benefit over the Yeezee Boost, which has been discontinued.

This is one of the better-designed sneakers in the series, and the fact that it’s made of suede is an upgrade over the previous version.

The rubber is also lighter, which helps it stay on your feet longer and makes it more comfortable.

But it’s still one of my favorite sneakers for its overall fit and design.

The YeeZA “SX” model has been a staple for some time now, but it hasn’t always been a hit with sneakerheads.

This version is worth the $175 premium.

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