July 28, 2021

More than a million plastic bottles could be saved per year from CO 2 and other greenhouse gases if plastic bottles were made from an environmentally friendly material instead of the plastic foam used in many of the world’s largest water bottles, according to new research from The Washington Post.

“Bottles make great water bottles because they’re recyclable,” said David Zuckerman, a researcher at the U.S. Department of Energy’s Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.

“But they also make great bottles for things like making ice cream.

But you could be saving money by using recycled foam instead.”

Zuckerman’s research team used a variety of materials, including plastics, to make a variety that could be reused and reused again.

The plastic foam, or “pump” is the primary ingredient in most water bottles.

The research, which is published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, found that foam pump bottles can reduce the amount of CO 2 produced by a gallon of water by about 30 percent.

The foam could also reduce CO 2 emitted by the use of other types of plastic, such as plastic bottles and glass bottles.

In the paper, the researchers say that while it’s impossible to eliminate the greenhouse gas emissions associated with making bottles, they believe foam pumps can be a viable alternative for reducing CO 2.

“It could save a lot of money because you could reuse it,” Zuck, a research associate in energy efficiency and climate change at Lawrence Berkeley, told ABC News.

“And you don’t need to worry about having a lot to do with making these things, because you can reuse them.”

According to Zuck’s research, using a plastic foam bottle could save $3.5 billion per year.

This would save $4,000 on a typical water bottle.

The researchers tested the foam in three different sizes of foam.

A 3-liter size was used in their study.

A 2-liter bottle was used for the study.

In one experiment, Zuck and his colleagues found that making a 3-lveteur foam bottle reduced CO 2 by nearly 80 percent.

A 12-liter foam bottle was also tested.

A 4-liter, 3-quart foam bottle resulted in an overall reduction of CO 1 by about 25 percent.

A 12-pack of the same plastic foam resulted in a CO 2 reduction of about 80 percent when it was used with a 4-pack.

In another experiment, the foam was used as a component in the plastic packaging for a new line of bottles.

In that experiment, a 3.5-liter model reduced CO 3 emissions by about 65 percent.

The scientists say this is an important step toward using recycled materials in water bottles and water products.

The paper notes that in the next decade, about 1 billion plastic bottles will be produced worldwide, but the use and recycling of plastic is a long way from being viable.

“I think this is a step in the right direction,” Zucks said.

“The goal is to reduce the greenhouse emissions from using these plastics, but we still need to get to the point where it’s viable.”

For more information, visit the researchers website at: http://www.plastics.stanford.edu/skew/plastic_frees_bio_pdf

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