August 6, 2021

If you are looking to build an outdoor fence for your dog, here are some helpful tips for building your first fence post.

First, get your fence post materials ready to go.

If you already have a fence, don’t wait for a pre-purchased fence post to arrive.

Get a precut piece of PVC, or a prefabricated fence post that is designed to fit your dog’s body, and cut it into 2 to 4 pieces, making sure it will fit snugly and securely into your fence posts.

If the fence posts have a lot of excess material, trim them.

You can cut the pieces so they are 1/2-inch thick, 1/4-inch long, and then sew them onto the fence post, making them easier to build.

The finished fence post can be easily cut to size.

This is a good time to cut the PVC in half so that you can build the rest of the fence.

Next, measure the width of your fence.

If your fence is about 12 feet long, for example, that’s about 3 feet of fence.

Once you have that number, measure it into a circle and mark the length with a ruler.

Next measure the distance from the center of the circle to the outside of your post.

This will be the distance of the post from the outside edge of the dog’s neck.

If that’s less than 3 feet, add about 1 inch to the length to get the final measurement.

If it’s longer than 3 or 4 feet, subtract 2 inches to get a total fence length.

Next add a 3/4 inch strip of fence tape to each end of the piece of fence that you’ve cut to make sure the fence is securely attached.

This strip of tape is called a “staple” and is attached to the front and back edges of the first piece of tape you cut to measure the fence length and distance.

Finally, measure how long your first piece will be.

Measure the length of the end of your new fence with a measuring tape.

This measurement should be a snug fit for your pet’s neck and should be snug enough to be held on by your dog.

To find your desired fence length, measure around the circle, and mark where the end points.

Next make a cut into the circle.

Then measure the length at the point you made, making the cut as close as you can to the mark you made.

Measure your new length on a ruler, making a mark at the mark and then subtracting the mark from the length.

You’ll be looking at a length of about 4 feet.

Next trim the new fence tape strip so that it is about the same length as the length you have cut from the first fence.

This length is the new length of your first strip of wire.

The fence will be longer, but it will be snugly attached.

Now that you have your new wire length, trim the old strip of the same width to match.

Next cut a piece of wire and attach it to the back of the existing fence.

Use the fence to keep your dog from walking into the first and second pieces of wire that were attached.

Next take your fence, cut two of the strips of wire, and glue them to the existing wires, making as many holes as you need.

Repeat this process for the other pieces of fence, making several holes in each piece of fencing.

Finally secure the wires with the staple.

Your dog should walk into the fence on both ends, but should be able to reach the front edge of one of the fences without slipping and causing harm.

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