August 24, 2021

In an age when parents are rushing to get their newborns covered, there’s an increasing demand for baby blankets.

And the best way to keep a newborn’s head warm?

With a foam mattress.

The Washington, D.C.-based company that makes the foam is using the pillow’s “floating foam” technology to help babies stay comfortable in their new environments.

The company says its foam mattress, the Fluffy, can keep babies comfortable even after a few hours of sleeping.

“For a newborn, we’ve got a good feeling that they’re going to be sleeping for up to six hours,” said Michael Mather, vice president of product development and sales.

“It’s not just for sleeping, it’s for the physical environment.”

For a newborn that’s been given a full-body wrap, Mather said, the foam mattress “just seems to help keep them comfortable for a good night’s sleep.”

For many people, this type of comfort is a necessity.

But in some cases, it can be a challenge.

“I was in my apartment with my kids and I was trying to figure out how to keep my kids warm while they were sleeping,” said mother of two Tasha Stokes.

“And the foam sheets were starting to get cold, so I went to my husband and asked him what I should do.

And he said, ‘You know what, just take your baby out to the park and let them go on their own.'”

But how do you get a baby to sleep on your own?

“It takes a little bit of extra planning,” Mather explained.

“But the fact that it’s a foam pad that you can put your baby on is pretty amazing.”

The company’s Fluffy is available at some of its stores, but most people will have to purchase a foam-based pillow from their local bed and breakfast or buy the product from a local nursery.

But Mather says the technology is already being used in the U.S. and is making its way into other countries.

It’s not yet available in Canada, but the company has plans to do so, and it’s hoping to introduce the product in the next few months.

Mather believes the company can make its products affordable, and they have plans to expand in the future.

“If you’ve got an older baby, I think that there’s a little room for improvement, because a lot of these babies aren’t going to sleep for a whole month,” he said.

But as for the Fluffys price, Mathering says it’ll be around $100, or around the price of a pair of socks.

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