September 5, 2021

My favorite floral foam plays mat.

I love to sit and play with it on my couch or desk.

It’s so versatile. 

If you need a little extra cushioning, there’s also a floral foam pad, but those are much more expensive and hard to find.

But what if I told you you could get some floral foam playing mats for less?

You can, thanks to Etsy seller FloralFlexible! 

You’ll find offering a variety of floral foam balls, play mats, and accessories. 

Here’s a selection of my favorites.

I have a favorite.

I can’t even begin to describe how much I love floral foam.

I have so many different ways I use it: for playing with my kids, for my pets, for relaxing with my dog, for cleaning up after myself.

I use my hands to play with the flowers and make them play with each other.

I just love it.

I really do. offers flowers, flowers, fluff, foam, and fluffs from many different vendors.

It also has an assortment of floral cushions and pads for all types of cushions. 

I’ve found a few of my favorite cushions to be floral foam pads. 

A floral foam cushion. 

Fluffy floral foam mats. 

Plush floral foam cushions with floral foam pad. One of my favorite floral foam pieces is the floral fluff ball.

It has a flower shape and a fluffy foam filling.

It makes my kids feel so good. 

The floral fluffs are perfect for a ball for playing and relaxing. 

For a calming and relaxing cushion, I use this cushion in my kitchen and at my bedside table. 

This is one of my new favorite cushion shapes. 

There’s also floral foam ball play mats available from, and they’re so great. 

These are my favorite floral foams.

I’ve got so many florals in my collection.

I even have one that I got at Wal-Mart and it’s beautiful.

I am so excited to use it. 

It makes my dogs happy and helps them sleep better. 

All of my other floral foam items are in my Etsy shop,

You can find all of my flower accessories, including floral foam pouches, floral foam pillows, floral floss, and floral foam brushes. 

You can also find more of my floral foam shopping tips. 

Have you found any good floral foam products?

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