October 30, 2021

We all know that spray foam is great for keeping the humidity low, but what if you don’t want to buy a lot of it?

You could always go with an old one and reuse the foam in your projects, but this technique does not require much equipment.

You just need a few spray foam cans, a rag and some rubbing alcohol, and a little patience.

First, find out how much foam you need to make.

Start with a 2-gallon spray bottle, and add some rubbing to it.

Make sure that you don,t use too much, or it’ll start to smell bad.

Fill the bottle half full of rubbing alcohol and fill the rest with rubbing alcohol.

Put it in a spray can, and let it sit for a few minutes.

Once you’ve filled the can, put the rag on top and gently shake it.

You want to rub the rag around the can and on the foam, so you can start to rub off any excess rubbing alcohol off the surface of the bottle.

Next, you need a rag that’s very small.

We used a small kitchen towel and a plastic bag.

Pick one up, and lay it flat on a table to dry.

Next, add some cleaning oil to the rag and rub it against the surface.

Rub it into the foam and start to lightly rub it on the rag, making sure to not rub the foam all over.

You should be able to rub it out pretty easily, and when you’re done, put it in the fridge for a couple of hours, or if it’s really sticky, put a towel on top.

Once it’s cold, you can rinse it off and put it back into the spray bottle.

Next step: dry.

This is where the real fun starts.

Take your rag and put a small towel over it.

Next you’ll need to add a few drops of rubbing oil.

Rub the rag against the oil, and then slowly rub the oil against the rag until you can feel it starting to come off.

Rub with your fingers and rub off as much oil as you can, until it’s completely dried.

Next step: use.

You’ll need a small plastic bag to hold the spray foam.

Fill it with rubbing oil, so that it’s not completely saturated with rubbing.

Now you need some spray foam that’s slightly damp.

Spray it on your project, and dry it on a clean surface.

Repeat with the next project.

This process is very similar to making a spray foam spray can.

You can do this on your couch, or in your kitchen.

We did it on our couch, so we had plenty of room to work with.

Next steps: clean, dry, and spray.

Now that you have your foam, it’s time to clean it up.

You’ll want to do a few things to make sure you don

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